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Auto Locksmith – Should You Call Us If Your Car Keys Are Stolen?

Auto Locksmith services are required by law in the United States as a prerequisite for all car manufacturers. The laws governing the service of Auto Locksmiths vary from state to state but usually cover the service of cars and trucks. A licensed Auto Locksmith is qualified to make or repair any kind of auto lock known to the trade. Auto Locksmiths install and repair car and truck keys, ignition, trunk security systems, and access control systems, among others.

Auto Locksmiths must be licensed by their state’s Board of License or they can choose not to be licensed. Training on how to unlock cars and trucks usually takes about 3 months to achieve certification. Once you have your certificate of completion from your training courses you will need to take a test administered by your state’s Bureau of Security and Investigative Services. To remove broken keys or to replace lost or stolen auto locks, an Auto Locksmith is required by law to be bonded.

An Auto Locksmith is also needed if you have locked yourself out of your vehicle, whether it is because of a mechanical malfunction or perhaps because of a burglar. If you have locked your keys inside your car, an Auto Locksmith will be able to unlock your car doors for you. If your vehicle has been broken into, an Auto Locksmith can replace lost auto keys, armories and safes, and remove broken keys from the ignition and cylinder.

Some thieves target older vehicles, such as cars that are several years old. They use hammers, crowbars and other tools to bust open the windows of these vehicles so that they can steal the people inside. Auto Locksmiths can prevent this type of crime by unlocking your automobile when it is locked. They will cut new keys from a different company, replace broken or damaged ones in your vehicle, replace a deadbolt lock, or install a new ignition to help prevent someone from opening your car doors.

Other services an auto locksmith may provide include changing or replacing ignition and cylinder locks, and installing deadbolt locks. The price of some services will depend on what services you need completed. For example, if you need your ignition or cylinder replaced, you may be charged more than if you just need the locks altered. Locksmiths can even change your car’s door handles and locks, should you need it.

If you have lost your original copy of a key, or need a duplicate, an auto locksmith can help. Many car locksmiths offer key duplications at no charge, while some charge a small fee for a key duplication and mounting a photo identification card. A licensed locksmith will be able to answer any questions you may have about the installation and use of your new keys. So, if you lock your keys in the car, don’t forget to call us!

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