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How to Change a Mercedes Key Fob

Do you want to know how to change your Mercedes Key fob? You just need to follow some simple steps:

o To change your battery, firstly, hope that the above step-by-step guide has really helped you change your car battery. Next, find a suitable part store and find a genuine part that you can replace the broken one with. Once you have found a suitable part, shop for it online; look for the brand and model number to be sure. Also, find out about different parts, so that you can choose the right one.

o The next important step is to insert the new battery into your car’s ignition. Turn the engine over and then put in your old battery and make sure that it’s in its correct location. Plug the new one into the new battery socket that is marked with the manufacturer’s sticker and the code number, to identify it.

o Once the new battery is installed, put the dash board back over the old one and then put your key on, remembering to keep the battery away from the ignition to prevent the electric current from flowing to the battery while the key is in place. This will prevent the ignition to go off, if any.

o Then, to remove the old battery, remove the screws that are holding the clip to the side of the dash and turn your car’s oil levels down. After this, slowly open the hood and remove the old battery with the help of a screwdriver. Now, replace it into the dash using the new one.

o Once all of the screws are removed, take out the old clip and put in the new one. Reinstall the clip and screw into place, remembering to re-check the ignition before putting the new one back.

o An even more important step is to recharge the battery by putting it in a charging station that is recommended for your vehicle. Then, to change the oil of your car. Put the oil dipstick in the engine oil tank, so that the filter and the engine oil fill up properly. Then, check the lights of your car and start turning the engine over to see if anything happens to the ignition.

* Finally, if all seems to work well, you can safely change the ignition on the car, in order to test the engine to see if everything works. If everything is OK, then, you can put it back to its original position and enjoy your ride!

In case you need to re-key your car, there are many dealers and Mercedes dealers online who offer various services to help you re-key your car; so make sure that you do your homework before you buy. !

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