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3 Different Types of Broken Key Extractors

Everyone breaks locks and key picks at some time. They just want to have the handy tool to get the stuck keys out of the locked lock with little to no work on your part. A broken key extractor is the perfect thing for those who are tired of struggling with a key that won’t turn, without spending too much on a locksmith call-out service.

Broken Key Extractor

A key picking tool is a small device which is used to pry open a lock with a key or other piece of metal. The mechanism used by these tools can be complex or relatively simple. While they can be quite effective, the only problem with them is the potential for them to make a hole in your hand. These tools are meant to be used inside the keyhole and can cause serious injuries if you are not careful. With all that said, here are three of the best types of broken key extractors on the market today:

The simplest tool is the simple key puller. These tools are easy to use and have many uses. You may find these pieces of equipment as a simple tool to use in order to get a key out of a lock or a simple tool to use on your home. The only problem with using one of these tools to get your key out of a lock is that they may cause some injury to yourself if you are not careful. For this reason, it is important to always practice with your tool before you attempt to use it to extract a key from a lock.

Another option is a device that will break open a key by means of a spring. This type of tool is very convenient when you are trying to get your key from a deadbolt lock and can be very helpful in situations where you need to use a tool quickly. However, keep in mind that even when you are using a spring for your broken key extractor, there is still the chance that you could hurt yourself if you are not careful.

The third option is to use a metal key checker which is specifically made for breaking open a key. These tools are made so that they can easily penetrate a wide variety of locks and can be useful when you need to get a key from a lock without causing any damage. However, be aware that these tools may also cause some injury to your hand if you are not careful.

No matter which type of broken key you choose to use, knowing which ones are available to you is essential. Be sure to purchase a broken key extractor from a trusted source so you can get the best product possible.

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